October 7th 2023 marked the release of Joey’s tour de force album…

Joey Altruda Presents: El Gran Fellove

Featuring legendary Cuban Jazz singer El Gran Fellove (pronounced Fay-oh-vay)

Franciso Fellové Valdez, AKA El Gran Fellové, was a key figure in the development of a musical genre from Cuba known as Filin (phonetic for Feeling) in the 1940’s and 50’s. The style fused Afro-Cuban rhythms with the harmonic depth of BeBop, scat singing, and torch songs. 

This Album features a band of young trailblazing Cuban expat musicians…

…who had been Fellové’s band at the time, plus a guest appearance by the iconic Cuban trumpeter Chocolate Armenteros. 


What was initially a one-off album, with songs written by Altruda and Fellové, as well as some favorites of the artist, quickly expanded into a feature length documentary with Dillon filming the event and telling the story of the Filin movement and Fellové’s deep involvement in its creation. 


The production itself took many twists and turns, years passed by, and the album sat unreleased awaiting the completion of the film  (which is currently being shopped for distribution).

Joey Altruda Presents: El Gran Fellové, Album Cover. Photo by Jacobo Braun, 2019

Get More of the Background and Story…


In case you missed it, there’s a whole series of blog posts written about my experiences with Fellové, the making of the album, the documentary that Matt Dillon made during the process, and a bunch more cool stories. You can check in to read up on all of that with the links below.





Fellové with Joey Altruda in Mexico City, 2019. Photo by Jacobo Braun

Joey Altruda Presents: El Gran Fellové, Album Cover. Photo by Jacobo Braun, 2019

The album is available on all digital streaming platforms and can be purchased for direct download by clicking the button below.