When Bob Dorough left the planet in 2018, he left behind a musical legacy and career spanning eight decades. He had a long run and finally cut out at 94 years young. If you grew up in the ’70s or had children back then, you would most likely be familiar with Bob Dorough from the Schoolhouse Rock! animated television series that showed every Saturday morning for years.

The series also featured singers such as Blossom Dearie, Jack Sheldon, and Dave Frishberg performing Bob’s compositions. Decades later he would perform entire Schoolhouse Rock shows in the nightclub circuit. But aside from this aspect of his career, Bob Dorough had many other sides and worked with other iconic artists such as Miles Davis for example.

I had the great pleasure of having many conversations with Bob over the years at his shows and we shared some very dear friends in common.

It was always a special treat to see him perform and I found it only fitting to make a special radio tribute in honor of his passing, his great life adventure and musical contribution. 

Just recently I came across the recording of that show and uploaded it to my MixCloud page for everyone to dig.

You can find the link Here.


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