Remembering the rotary dial wall phone in my family’s kitchen during my childhood, I would’ve never believed at the time that we would someday all have push buttons, call waiting, answering machines, voice mail (that we never listen to!), smartphones (i.e. personal pocket computers), internet, texting, video chat, etc., etc., etc.

We live in a technological age that brings miracles into our everyday lives and sometimes it’s easy to forget this. 

I can really credit the internet in how I became involved with Tom Zé, made a musical collaboration, and was finally able to meet him face to face. Without this invention, the odds would’ve been slim to none.

As you know from reading my past blog post “Tom Zé Records Ska With Joey”, I was able to record his voice from his home in São Paulo, Brazil, and add the other various band members by remote from Los Angeles and Rio De Janeiro (another miracle of the internet age).

This combined with email and social media connections with his musical director Daniel Maia made our collaboration a reality.

Funny thing though, throughout all this time of knowing Tom Zé via email, we never actually met face to face until this week, during an interview we did for Dublab via Zoom. 

To listen to Tom Zé speak is to listen to a great genius take you on a journey of deep intellectual metaphors combined with clever wordplay and a fascinating wit.

When asked about our collaboration, I could feel his love pouring through my computer screen as he responded, telling me with great enthusiasm how much he looks forward to us creating more music in the future. 

This was such a deeply personal moment for me, to feel the confirmation of his true friendship towards me, and the honour of being treated as a peer by such a unique musical genius.

What had been slated as a half-hour interview turned out to be over an hour and a half due to his great enthusiasm and eagerness to tell us more and more of his personal stories.

The video interview was conducted in Portuguese and will be subtitled in English through the folks at Dublab. I’ll be sure to create a blog post and email about this when it’s made available in the next few weeks.

If you’re not yet familiar with Dublab, I suggest you take a look at what they do. You’ll discover endless amounts of amazing music from an array of DJs who are great specialists in their respective musical fields.

I can’t wait to give you the next installation!

AND – For All You Record Lovers & Collectors, I’m planning on releasing a high-quality vinyl 45 of our new songs in the near future as a Private Limited Edition Pressing.

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