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Album Cover- Joey Altruda Presents: El Gran Fellové
Photo by Jacobo Braun, 2019


 “Fellove himself is still full of life here. Most importantly, it swings. Too many projects of this type end up overproduced and more slick than alive, but not this one.  Although it  serves as a fitting celebration of the centennial of Fellove’s birth, it also stands on its own merits musically.”

“Joey Altruda?  King of the Cool Ones.  International Playboy.

Painstaking jazz auteur.  The biggest little guy in Hollywood.  Joey’s all these and more, an artist who has lived it up with everyone from Reggae legend Coxson Dodd to New Orleans sax monster, Plas Johnson.”

– L.A. Weekly Writer, Johnny Whiteside

“The Joey Portal”

World renowned musician and entrepreneur Joey Altruda is in constant forward motion as a music producer, entertainer, excavator of  fascinating records, humorist, writer, and hemp health advocate. Known for his unique instinct and creative intuition, Joey never fails to surprise and delight his audience.

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Upcoming Film Release

In 1999 Joey embarked upon a film and album project with actor/director Matt Dillon about the life and career of legendary Cuban Jazz singer El Gran Fellové. Now more than 20 years later, the film is slated to premier at the San Sebastion Film Festival in Spain, September 22, 2020.

(Photo: Jacobo Braun)


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Mexico City, 1999

“It was an honor and privilege to make music with the one and only El Gran Fellove, and equally prophetic Cuban pianist, Osmany Paredes.”

(Photo: Jacobo Braun)

- Joey Altruda

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