“The Joey Portal”

Serendipitous stories from the archives of Joey’s life.

A Career in Music

Since 1981

Beginning with the groundbreaking Post-Punk experimental band Tupelo Chain Sex, Joey’s journey as a professional musician has made many twists and turns in the past four decades.


As a performer, producer, bandleader and DJ, it’s not at all surprising to find his name attached to a multitude of genres – Jazz, Rockabilly, Jamaican, Afro Cuban, Brazilian, Funk, Soundtracks and more.

Accidental Manifesting

Since childhood, I’ve carried visions of doing special things in my life, things involving special people, places and events. These visions were like little make believe daydreams, yet as time passed, I witnessed many of these come to fruition.

Sometimes they weren’t even cognitive but moreso generated through the subconscious and oftentimes involving records that I owned, with the musicians popping out of the vinyl and into the 3D matrix, becoming my real life friends, mentors and collaborators.

Making Art With Heroes

Since my twenties I’ve had the great privilege of making musical collaborations with heroes of mine from various musical genres – Jazz, Cuban, Jamaican, Brazilian etc. Often the situation evolved from a casual “power of suggestion” conversation, such as the time I said to my friend Jason, “I’d really like to find Ernest Ranglin and see if he’d do a guest spot with me for our next Japanese tour”.

This is exactly how my  friendship and musical collaborations with Ernie began nearly three decades ago.


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