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After 50 years of playing the guitar, I think back and wish I had learned certain things in a different sequence or with a more practical approach.

Now I’m formulating workshops for people who are either basic/beginner level or more intermediate/advanced, sharing knowledge that was imparted to me by some of the greatest guitarists of the 20th century…

All this with the intention of opening some new musical doors and showing you ways to have a more musical experience on the instrument.

The main objective here is to have fun and connect more with the muse.



This Workshop Series is for you if you already have some experience with basic guitar playing and wish to unravel the bigger mystery of how to play more musically. It’s also for any intermediate student who wants to take their playing to a new level. You’ll learn the basics of how to play in all keys, gain a broader understanding of music and how it’s put together on the fingerboard, as well as mind-shifting ways to hear and create music in a different way. What you learn can be applied to any genre you choose. Theory and ear training are not a prerequisite.


This WorkShop Series corresponds with the Beginner/Intermediate Level workshops. You’ll learn how to see things hidden within your fingers that you may not have noticed before; how to move individual lines independently within chords like a pianist, and how to approach the guitar as if it’s a mini-orchestra. We’ll delve into chord sequences with the ultimate goal of being able to figure out and play thousands of songs by ear, in any key. Theory and ear training are not prerequisite, but will ultimately help.

All Classes Include:

      • Live, Weekly Interactive Group Lessons, hosted on Zoom
      • Downloadable PDF Lesson Materials
      • Video Recording of each Lesson available to study
      • Supplemental Video Lessons to show how lessons apply to different music styles (when applicable)
      • Community Forum to ask your Questions between Lessons and show off the progress you’re making with each lesson

Hire Joey For Your Next Creation

From Masterful Playing to Mindset and Entrepreneurship, Joey has opened up the doors to his collective wisdom and 35+ years of experience as a bass & guitar player, band leader,  composer, DJ, music producer and successful entrepreneur.

Whether it’s tracking parts for your next album, producing a mind-blowing remix, or producing and arranging a complete album, Joey is ready to hear about your ideas and see where his skills can best serve you. From his Sound Studio tucked away on the Columbia River in northern Oregon, there are endless possibilities for a phenomenal music collaboration. Reach out with the form or contact options at the bottom of this page, or Book a Music Consultation with me to discuss.


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Prosperous Punk

Coming soon!


Underground artistic snarkiness meets prosperity manifestation. Maverick entrepreneurs: expand your income unconventionally.






Private Music Tuturing


Starts:  Let’s Discuss!

For skilled musicians to craft a deeper skill with musicality, tone, originality and soloing. If you’re ready to do the daily work for achieving mastery, let’s talk.


Price: To be discussed


Your Original Voice

Coming soon!

Engage your originality and unique identity by discovering your personal flavor and panache so you can stand apart from others in your field.






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